Traditionally, shutters were made from wood as it was the building material of choice for over time, with the advancement of building materials, the use of wood has been replaced with aluminum and PVC. In Bermuda’s hot, humid and corrosive environment, PVC is recognized as the material of choice.

Our shutters and utility doors are fabricated from extruded PVC and manufactured using a combination of PVC welded and mechanical joints and construction. We reinforce our products with aluminum tubing where it is structurally necessary without adding too much weight to ensure they are easily operated.

The shutters are a louvered design which allows air to pass through while providing a layer of protection to window openings which is especially critical during Bermuda’s all too frequent hurricanes. Our product design is based on high quality German engineering which has been refined to best meet Bermudian design aesthetics whilst retaining all its strength and integrity. Bermuda Shutters Ltd. own their product design and tooling and as a result have complete control of quality and design allowing us to improve and evolve with an ever changing industry.


We offer a range of traditionally inspired external shutter styles to best suit your requirements and preferences. Our shutters are able to be mounted on PVC, aluminum and wooden windows and frames.




Bermuda Shutters also manufacture PVC utility doors using our same shutters profile. These doors are available as either single or double configurations and can be either louvered, solid panel, screened or a combination. Common applications include pump rooms, meter rooms and all manner of external storage rooms.