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Solent Glass Doors

We are the sole suppliers of Solent Glass entry and utility doors in Bermuda.

In Stock, out-swinging British made PVC Entry Doors with miter-welded joints in the door-sashes as well as the doorframes.
Doors are supplied equipped with German-designed stainless steel three-point deadbolt locking systems, controlled with white lever handles, but solid brass handles with a chrome finish are available for an additional $150.

Either left-hand or right-hand hinged (when viewed from the outside of your home). A wide variety of panels are available. Solent Doors come pre-hung with 3 point stainless steel hardware.

We carry several styles of Solent Doors as stock items, and all of their products can be ordered with many different types of glass available.

As with all our PVC doors, no wood is used within the frame or sash and they are ideal for the Bermuda climate.

Solent Doors

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