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Bermuda Windows

We designed our Bermuda window-frames exclusively for the Bermudian market fourteen years ago, and they are manufactured locally in our factory within days of your order-placement.

Made from white PVC extrusions, our window-frames have four fusion-welded mitered joints and are custome-sized in our workshop in quarter-inch increments at no extra cost to our customers.

Our window-frames are designed without the need for the uprights which normally divide the windows in a multiple-window opening when using rival window-frames. In this way we maximize ventilation and the entry of light, and minimize the use of PVC material to save our clients money. Please note that every one of our window-frames is internally reinforced with tightly compressed, recycled composite PVC material, thus ensuring secure shutter hinging when effortlessly hanging 'side-hung' or 'top-hung' shutters.